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Ruthless, feisty, incredibly sexy, and far from the timid daddy’s girl I was expecting.

That’s Brianna O’Keenan–Daughter to Irish Mob boss, and my idea of settling a debt.

The plan was simple. I would take her and hold her ransom to get the money I was owed, but my sweet Bree has her own agenda.

She wants to dominate in a world ruled by men, but she needs my help. Her family’s rules state only men can run the business, so she proposes we get married.

In turn, she would get the power she craves and I would get my money and show the world I'm not to be messed with.

But what happens when real feelings start to develop and we realise our wedding isn’t all that black?

Author Warning
Black Wedding is a dark mafia, kidnapping romance. This book features dark themes which may be a trigger for some people. If you would like more detail then please contact Emma Luna directly. Each book in the Beautifully Brutal series follows a different couple, and they will each get their HEA in their book. But there will be continuing themes throughout, so you will get more from reading.

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